Slipway back from the dead

Wow, turns out I had forgotten we had this blog.

Things have sort of changed for us over the last few years, meaning less money,less cars, and alot less skids.

Dont get me wrong, the passion is still there but priorities have changed. As we get older we have to start thinking of old people stuff like houses,weddings,kids etc. But we will never lose our passion for all things cool.

We are off to japan next month for a look around, so im thinking this could re light the candle so to speak.



2 thoughts on “Slipway back from the dead

  1. i might have to start posting some content here too mike πŸ™‚ but ur comments are totally true – my focus has been 100% on savings for travel for another trip, hopefully back to Japan again – that theres been no money to do more on the cars. but like you say – passion doesnt die – just changes πŸ™‚

    also doesnt help that the original slipway build on the chaser has been so good, that nothing has needed work since. outstanding A+++ will trade again

    looking fwd to your updates from all the crazy shit u get up to on your Japan trip. eat all the food!!! πŸ˜‰

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