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posing at the viaduct

quick update, the chaser is fixed again, and back on the road. was a huge mission trying to get jzx100 turbo parts to replace the smashed hub and brake components, especially when finding out that jzx90/100 parts, while interchangable, are not actually the same. end result is a frankenstien of 90/100 parts and turbo/nonturbo parts. anyway its done now, took her down to the viaduct to piss around with some photos during a brief bit of sun that came out on sunday for 5 mins inbetween massive weatherstorms and earthquakes and whatever else is happening these days

hardparking with my brother’s new euro L  ;p

next up – have just purchased a walbro 500hp in-tank to replace the struggling stock 1G pump, this is going in with the SAFC and couple of other tidy-up mods, package is going in for proper tuning and see what it will do reliably at about 1bar or so.  will keep ya’s posted.


friday the 13th strikes

Looking for a carpark this morning getting to work, decided to U-turn up a hill  (Hereford St right outside my work).

Hill has heavy camber rolloff either side, and was wet.  Rolled to 90degrees around, then on a blip of power, arse came out, “fell” off to the left down into the camber of the road, into the curb.

weight of all my tools/parts in the boot did not help the momentum

welding wire is holding the hub center because otherwise the hub toes-in like 30degrees and becomes 3wheel steering.

impact was like at 0km/h – just from the arse swinging round. entire hub ripped off the upper/lower arms, and caliper ripped off the hub, and gouged up the inside of the mag – mainly cus i tried to move fwd after impact which it didnt like. upper/lower suspension arms SEEM undamaged however swaybar connector thingy is bent a bit. mag is now new living room ornament. brake rotor ‘exploded’ into many pretty pieces.

luckily didnt hit any bmws/mercs on the way. now need new left rear hub/brake/caliper assembly. anyone?

should have driven the starlet to work.


now i can finally roll legit. still feel like im rolling against the law on my way back from the post office – not used to it! feel like im gonna get pulled over any second hah. will take a bit of time to get used to driving round now.

so next up :

– swap proper wheels back on and stance it out proper

– give it a proper clean!!! and some proper photos

– contemplating stealthing out the IC and piping gunmetal or flat black

– need to trace the problem with the engine check light coming on after 15mins of driving

– need to test clutch to ensure its not slipping on motorway under boost in 3rd/4th as it FEELS like it…

– LED bulbs swap

– install my sounds that ive been sitting on since forever


thanks again to mike and evan for their help on this build – and davy thanks for the rims bro ill be back to swap them back round asap!

stay tuned for more


someone say photoshop?

here bro i gave it a crack. whadyathink?

feels like a solid colour is not enough… needs some kinda detail, like stripes or somethign like this (just playing around with the hood decals – ignore that)

or maybe twotone etc

who knows!?! :p the car is your canvas and the sky’s the limit 🙂

JZX102 – touchdown!

so an update on this project! after a flurry of work thanks to Mr E.C.Electrical, the chaser saw its exhaust completed finally – and i set about swapping the tourer V front brakes on. i also finalised the gauges and tacho layout, plumbed the turbo1 prespool controller, sorted the electric fans thermoswitch, just all the last few bits and pieces. FINALLY it was time to get her off those blasted jack stands and back on its four feet again. here she is once again at ground level, suddenly it looks rearing to go

all looking pretty stock in there! unfortunately after getting her down and firing her up, we realised nothing was going to happen – it had been pissing down and the garage exit was a mud swamp, the chaser was stuck behind davy’s head-less R32, and Waz’s beast that was locked and Waz not home! all we could do was chuck her into reverse and 1st and roll up and down about 3 feet. god dammit! but she was running and as far as we could tell all seemed ok.

here’s the rest of the pics in full size from that night

this was on friday night and i was off to Sydney for a week the very next morning so i couldnt make any more progress myself, but whilst wandering around Darling Harbour i got a txt from Mike going on about how loose the car was! obviously it was out and about on the road terrorising mt wellington -hence the photo on the blog of her out on the driveway a few posts ago –  awesome. the news seemed good, and i was itching to get home to take her out.

my chance finally came the saturday after when i managed to get back to the garage – the boys informed me that, while it was performing great for the most part, the clutch seemed to slip under load once the motor was getting down to business… and just recently it seemed to stop boosting properly – somethign was wrong. a quick testdrive found a simple problem – the turbo2 IACV controller vac line had popped off and was no longer opening the airstream from turbo2 – i was only running off 1 turbo at 10psi max. back to full power and the car is all over the road at the touch of the throttle – totally crazy in greasy conditions. it also randomly hits boostcut, and after about 15mins of starting up, the engine check light mysteriously comes on. teething problems that will be worked on nonetheless.

either way, that was it for now, and the machine was baby’d home in the wet, back to my apartment block basement where it used to live

couple more photos here. yes, it is also time to stop using my goddamn cellphone for these grainy as fuck pics – i dont own a proper camera so once this thing is legal i will be keen on a proper hard parker fatlace parkup shoot somewhere… ;>

so i think that concludes “Stage One” of this project!!! next up on the list is certification, and then WOF and REG and officially its out and on the prowl. not the end of the project by any means, i have yet to give it a full wheel alignment, and complete the necessary mods for cert – but as a more interesting teaser i have an SAFC lined up to install, then its off to the dyno for some baseline runs and fine tuning! i hope this setup is making about 220wkw stock, and perhaps 250wkw with a tune, if the fuel pump allows. (safe limit on stock twins is 265wkw, so im not gonna push it – there is bucketloads of torque already – u can putt around town at 50kmh in 5th at just above idle, drives brilliantly!) …so watch this space!

MASSIVE THANKS to the slipway team for all the help and especially the time and space in the garage for as long as this took – it was a ton of late nights for me going back and forth from the city after work in peak hour traffic as well as many sacrificed weekends to get this far (as well as the bloody hole burnt in the bank!) so thanks guys and man im due for a well deserved break i think!

awesome build quality on this one and final product is a killer streeter – i am stoaked. Slipway can be proud of this one. 2jz! no shit.

…sounds good to me..

progress on the 2j swap – its down to the small nitty gritty stuff that takes the longest to do.

to cut a long story short, here’s the jist of it:

i reckon that sounds pretty sick! and how quiet is that idle with no exhaust??

since last post, a couple of things have happened.

radiator+elec fans+shroud fitted and plumbed; camry throttle cable fitted; engine mount bolts finally done up after adding oil filter sandwich plate and oil pressure sender for new gauges (oil filter was in the way of the mount bolt); boost sender mounted; new air filter pipe and IC piping beaded by mike and installed; evan’s exhaust downpipe fitted, oxy sensor extended; broken IACV VSV valve sourced and replaced, brake booster vacuum hose connected; heater lines connected; gearbox topped up with Redline Shockproof; powersteering connected and filled; clutch bled; plugs sanded, coils cleaned up…

lovin the IC work – simple and sweet

still a couple of things to do – there is a pesky water leak from the firewall heater hose (of course in the most inaccessible place) and my boost taps need to be tee’d and plumbed in, and the electric fans need to be connected to the thermo switch and relayed up – otherwise all underbonnet work is more or less completed

heres some earlier pics before the radiator work etc

last on the list – exhaust to be made up, rear subframe swapped in, front brakes swapped over, reassemble interior with new gauges (have decided to run an 80mm tacho instead of f34king around with pulling the dash apart to rewire the tach for now) and then she should be ready for certification and WOF!

watch this space, shes comin along nicely 😀

its an uphill battle – but not the touge kind

just a quick update on the “jzx102” swap. the last two weeks have been a true test of patience and acceptance of things one cannot control – as well as realising the full impact of trying to be a “car nut” while working on a car that isnt where you live. getting a car working entails more than just knowing what plugs in where – first you have to actually be there where the plugs are.

living in an apartment in the city means no garage space, just a little hole if youre lucky to cram your ride during the night. so this build is only happening with me running back and forth from town out east and whereever to buy raw materials (piping, joiners, hoses, lubricants, fluids, rah rah) during my lunch break from the city, and then fighting traffic at 5pm to get to the Slipway HQ so i can actually do work on the car. the only way things are getting done are from Mike and Evan putting in their own time to help me, and im hugely grateful for that. today was a case in point – i was all set to head out this afternoon to put in some hours – but get called into an emergency meeting at 4pm – this gets delayed till 4:30, they stuff me around till 5:20, then tell me to get the work done that they just created for me, before i go home, because its to be presented to some big bosses tomorow morning! it was 7pm before i left work and too late to head out for car work. fuckin exhausted and frustrated and nothing u can do about it. one would normally go for a blast in ones ride and beat on it – cept mine isnt going. i have the 999cc girlfriends’ starlet and thats it.

when i finally get my own house its gonna have one hell of a garage, and im ill never take for granted how important the small things are – especially good mates who lend you time and space to get your shit done. it really is the grassroots of backyard team drifters just helping each other out for the common passion.

anyway thats my rant. heres whats been happening:

a ton of wiring has been traced and sorted by the famous E C Electrical – “Brute Force and Ignorance”. with the fuel pump prime trigger hard wired to the ignition, 2 batteries daisychained by jumper leads, and the engine earthed to the body by more jumper leads popping and crackling all over the show, the motor was cranked…

and after a cough of black smoke she fired up beautifully and settled to a purr! sounds fuckin awesome… as most motors do with open headers

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project jzx102 progress

so we’ve been busy.

cambelt done

clutch slave drilled tapped and fitted

ring gear cut off auto fly, baked and fitted to new flywheel. clutch assembled centered and fitted. engine mounts swapped from aristo mounts to jzx90. intake piping reassembled. cut vac lines reattached. water hoses rerouted. power steering high pressure line swapped for jzx90 item.  internal wiring loom cut spliced and labelled. engine loom spliced and labelled. new drivebelt, flywheel spigot bearing, waterpump, thermostat, idler, starter motor wiring, alternator wiring.

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its gotta be the shoes

you know how sometimes you see average-as looking dudes with average-as hair and average-as face and average-as tshirts and average-as pants… but then they walk past with some dope as baller as fuck kicks?

yea so i thought why cant i be like that guy. so i got some new shoes.

dot .com racing 17×9 +15 all round

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