With out all the photographers out there at these drift days we attend, I think I would only have a hand full of photos of my car. So thanks to all the guys like Chris that stand out in the rain and capture these images for us the drivers to look back at, once the day has long finished.

Action !!

SO we did some drift’s on the long weekend just been.  The track was hired by Chris from Zeroclass, it was his 21st birthday the night before so no one was feeling 100% in the morning. It was held on a small section of the Taupo racetrack, the section started about 3/4 of the way down the back straight with either a Feint/handbrake or clutch kick initiation ( I tried everyone with some success) at around 120kmph in 3rd gear, then switch to the left and off the gas, then slow up with the handbrake into the hairpin, from here it was full throttle onto the front straight. Such a cool little course, pretty hard on the tyres as there wasn’t much time between each run. Anyway here is a couple of vid’s of me and Wazzy givi’n it heaps haha.


Snuck down to a S club drift day at Meremere on Saturday to do some “testing”, Car went pretty good for the first outing, found a few weak points on it though, Lack of steering lock and flogged out rear cradle bushes, will have these sorted in time for a drift day in taupo next month.

Heres a couple sneaky shots i stole from Keisuke of 86 fighters.

Dmnz taupo

Went for a hack in the 81 over the weekend. Not much to report back on other than my car ran like shit most of the day.  Its handling mint bit still isn’t running rite. My  guess is it’s running out of fuel in high rpm so since the fuel system has been one of the areas i’ve spent the lest amount of time and money on, i think its time to upgrade the lot.

2jz-gte injectors and a 500hp intank fuel pump then a dyno tune should hopefully sort out the problems i’ve been having.

Of the 6 session we had during the day I only managed to finish 4, and because I couldn’t keen the throttle wide open I was having problems linking the long straights between two of the corners in the course. Driving Taupo in reverse was awesome I just wished my car had been up to the task.

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