Smashed out a nice road trip this long weekend gone, put 450km down and no issues to speak of. Although there seems to be a slight miss at low rpm’s every now and then. Quite confusing… Could be the ¬†ignition leads? anyone?

On a side note, need to get this thing tuned, as it currently doesn’t have the VVTi working. But I would ideally like to throw 1.2 bar at it but I’ve heard the turbos just self destruct? Any truth to this?


So finally the 90 is all back up and running, with a fresh Jzx100 motor/clutch and ecu combo.

Super stoked on the results, next step will be full tune up and results posted!

Also meet up with Geoff from Thrashers on the weekend, so we took a blast out to rural NZ. Was great to open them up finally.





So I ended up getting my hands on Warwicks VVTI that he imported from japan, the motor was super tidy and perfect for what I wanted.

So far I have Sourced some 540cc denso injectors, and fabbed up a 3″ stainless dump pipe. This should hopefully net my 240-250 kw.
From there I will look into either a Tomei arms or high flowed CT15B turbo and some Poncams.

Really looking forward to driving with this!!!

Slipway back from the dead

Wow, turns out I had forgotten we had this blog.

Things have sort of changed for us over the last few years, meaning less money,less cars, and alot less skids.

Dont get me wrong, the passion is still there but priorities have changed. As we get older we have to start thinking of old people stuff like houses,weddings,kids etc. But we will never lose our passion for all things cool.

We are off to japan next month for a look around, so im thinking this could re light the candle so to speak.